3 Important Points To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Residential Water Softening Unit

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3 Important Points To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Residential Water Softening Unit

3 Important Points To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Residential Water Softening Unit

24 August 2023
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A residential water softening unit is an essential add-on to many plumbing systems. These units are designed to make hard water softer, which has an array of benefits. Hard water has a high mineral content. It can cause a variety of issues such as shortened lifespan for utilities, brittle hair, dry skin, clogged plumbing, and bad-tasting water.

Individuals can save money by getting house water treatment to soften their hard water. Their utilities are likely to last longer, hair is likely to be softer, and there will be less mineral sediment in their plumbing systems. The following points highlight a few factors homeowners should keep in mind when they purchase a water softening unit.

The Hardness of the Water

Water needs to be tested to determine its mineral content. If the test results show that the water has a high mineral content, a more robust and complex system will be required to soften the water. Determining the hardness of the water is an important factor because it helps to ensure that the residential water softening unit purchased is the right size.

Type of Water Softening Unit

There are two options for softening water. Some units are salt-based, and others are salt-free. This is a critical factor in making a decision. The salt-based units require sodium chlorine to be added. The additive traps and binds minerals in the water and allows water to pass through. Salt-free units use a potassium chloride compound additive to filter out minerals from the water to soften it. It is important for homeowners to include a professional installer in their choice for the best unit. The decision should be based on which minerals are in the water.

Available Budget

A residential water softening unit should be considered an investment. The units can last for years with proper maintenance and care. The available budget will determine the size of the unit that can be purchased and possibly its performance and lifespan. Individuals should consider the required maintenance for their units. A lower-cost unit might have more maintenance requirements, which could make it a more expensive option in the long run.

A plumber is a good resource to use to learn more about residential water softening. They can test the water to determine what contaminants and minerals are in it. Some homeowners get water softeners and water filtration systems installed. The purpose of this decision is to soften the water and remove contaminants. This can give them peace of mind that they have safe tap water to drink and use for their appliances that use water. 

Contact a professional to learn more about water softening units. 

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