A Homeowner's Guide To Mesh Gutter Covers

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A Homeowner's Guide To Mesh Gutter Covers

A Homeowner's Guide To Mesh Gutter Covers

30 June 2023
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There are a variety of gutter covers on the market. These include large brushes that sit inside the gutter trough to block debris entry, molded plastic covers with thin slits for water runoff, to mesh covers that fit over the top. Of all of these options, mesh gutter guards are often considered the top option for many homes. 

How They Work

Mesh covers come in a variety of designs. There is standard mesh, which resembles a screen with moderately sized holes to block debris from entering the gutter. There are also designs that feature micro-mesh, which has even smaller holes. Micro-mesh screens are best suited to roofs where a lot of small debris tends to get into gutter troughs, such as sand from the roof shingles or finely ground dead leaves.

The covers are designed to allow water to seep through and into the gutter troughs while the mesh filters out debris that could clog up the gutter. Water flowing off the roof should push the debris off the cover and onto the ground as the water trickles into the gutter.

Installation Basics

Installation is simple, but the method can vary depending on the brand and style of the mesh cover. Some models are designed for the DIYer and simply snap into place. With these types, it's vital to choose a model that is sized appropriately to your gutter's width.

Sturdier professional installations will either clip or screw into place, so they are held more securely and less likely to come loose. Screw-on varieties don't require holes in the eaves or gutters, the screws are simply used to create a tension fit between the cover and gutter trough. Clip-on versions are simpler to remove, though, so these can be a good compromise between easy maintenance and a secure fit. 

Ongoing Maintenance 

Although gutter covers will reduce gutter maintenance, they don't eliminate it. If you have problems with debris, a cover will reduce the need to clean out the gutters. For homes with minimal debris issues in the gutter troughs, then covers may eliminate debris in the gutters entirely.

Maintenance will mainly involve removing any debris that collects on top of the cover. This is much simpler to do compared to scooping debris out of the gutter troughs. You can simply use a broom to pull the debris off as it collects. Micro-mesh covers tend to require sweeping more often than standard mesh, simply because the smaller mesh clogs up more easily.

Contact a gutter cover installation service to learn more. 

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