3 Tips For Choosing Your New Counters

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3 Tips For Choosing Your New Counters

3 Tips For Choosing Your New Counters

10 May 2023
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If you want to redo your kitchen, but you don't have a whole lot of money to work with, one thing you can do is change your countertops. Even just a slight change like new countertops, can give your kitchen a fresh look. But first, you need to find the right counters for your kitchen. How can you do that?


Before you do anything, you need to set your budget. When you do that, you should actually set two numbers. One number is the one that you want to meet; the other should be the one that you cannot pass. If you work with the first number, you have a little extra left behind to cover any emergencies that may come up. For example, your first number may be $1500, but you can actually put $2000 toward your counter. If you use the $1500 as your top number, then you have that extra $500 to take care of any delays or emergencies. That way, you don't need to come up with extra money if something happens; you already built that padding in. 


You need to think about your personal aesthetic and what you want your kitchen to look like when you are done. If you have a rustic aesthetic, you don't want to end up with a kitchen that is all modern steel and stark lines; you would probably want to have something like butcher block counters because they would be more in keeping with what you want your house to look like when you are done. If you aren't quite sure what your particular aesthetic or goal is, you can look at various design sites and home improvement stores to get some inspiration about what to choose. 


Yes, your kitchen counters are there for you to work on, but if you like to bake or cook, you might want to get counters to help you. For example, if you like to bake pies and other pastries, you might want to have at least part of your counter made out of marble. That's because marble tends to stay cooler and will be better for your pastry. 

Changing your kitchen countertops can make your kitchen feel different and change the feel of the room. If you are going to get new counters, you may need some help picking out what material to have your new counters made from.

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