3 Great Tips For Spring Lawn Care

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3 Great Tips For Spring Lawn Care

3 Great Tips For Spring Lawn Care

1 February 2023
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As the cold days and long nights of winter slowly begin to make way for spring, homeowners with yards of all types also begin thinking about how to best care for their lawns. If you are curious about how to best care for your spring lawn, read below for a handful of the most helpful tips. 

Test the Acidity

Acidic soil makes it easier for mosses to grow, and therefore more difficult for most kinds of grass. As such, testing the acidity of the soil is an invaluable part of prepping your lawn for spring. There are plenty of home testing kits that are available for easy purchase online, or you can send a soil sample to a lawn care service company. They can test the soil and send you back the results and fertilizer recommendations.

Rake and Dethatch

There might not be any leaves on your lawn in the early spring, but that does not mean that raking is any less important. Over the winter, it is likely that debris of all kinds has built up in the layers of your lawn. Carefully using a rake is the best way to remove this debris and make it easier for grass to grow. Many lawns will also have thatch, which is a layer of dead grass and other matter that sits right under the surface of a lawn. Too much thatch can make it harder for live grass to thrive, which is why special rakes are made for getting rid of it. Homeowners will smaller lawns can rake and dethatch on their own, while those with larger lawns may want to contact nearby lawn care service providers.

Spray Weeds

While spraying your entire lawn with herbicide is quick and easy, it is hardly the most effective way to both kill weeds you don't want and keep the grass you do. Instead, keep a close watch on your lawn throughout the first few weeks of spring. Then spray only those areas affected by weeds. It is also crucial to double-check that the herbicide you are using is designed to kill weeds after they have sprouted, not before. Otherwise, you may end up accidentally killing new grass seeds as well. If you don't have the time to spray and pull new weeds on a regular basis, you can always contact local spring lawn care services to take care of it for you.

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