5 Reasons You Need New Windows

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5 Reasons You Need New Windows

5 Reasons You Need New Windows

22 February 2022
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If you are on the fence about having new windows installed, then look no further. New windows are one of the more impressive upgrades you can make for your home. Not only will the windows increase the value if you decide to sell, but you will also begin reaping the following benefits right away.

1. Energy Efficiency

Every year the energy-efficient technology of modern windows improves. Multi-paned windows with insulated frames and insulating gas between window frames can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home, thus saving you a lot of money in the long run. Further, better efficiency means fewer drafts and less heating loss, so it will also likely remain a more comfortable temperature in the home year-round.

2. Better In-Home Comfort

New windows can provide for better comfort indoors for several reasons. Multi-paned, insulated windows, for example, block out more noise from outdoors. You can also have windows coated to reduce glare in the home, cut down on heat gain, and prevent UV light from fading furniture and carpets. Simply replacing the windows on your home can lead to a huge increase in comfort.

3. Easier Maintenance

If your old windows have wood frames, you are likely weary of the constant maintenance of sanding and repainting the frames every few years. Modern vinyl window frames never need to be sanded or painted. In fact, the only real maintenance is occasionally washing them with a hose to remove dirt so the windows continue to look great. 

4. Improved Appearance

If curb appeal and the appearance of your home is important to you, then new windows can provide quite the face-lift. New windows complete with frames are especially appealing because you will have an option of changing up your frame design to better fit the desired appearance of your home. Clearer glass will also improve the appearance of your home, especially if you upgrade from really old windows that had warped or etched glass panes.

5. Increased Safety

Another area where modern windows are progressing beyond their older counterparts is safety. You can find modern windows made of security glass that doesn't break or shatter easily. Some windows even have an invisible security film over their surface, which makes them even harder to break. Other security features include reflective coatings that prevent intruders from looking in and improved latches and closures that are more difficult to force open.

Contact a window installation service if you are ready to have new windows in your home.   

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