Tips On Giving An Orchid As A Gift

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Tips On Giving An Orchid As A Gift

Tips On Giving An Orchid As A Gift

3 December 2021
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Does your loved one adore plants and flowers? If so, there is everything from fresh flowers to perennials and different types of houseplants to choose from. One beauty that always stands out in a crowd is an orchid. One of the largest indoor flooring plants, it brings pleasure to the eyes and divine scents to the air. Do you want to surprise someone? Here are some tips on how to do that with orchid plants

Select a Healthy Plant

If your choice is an orchid, now is the time to head to the nursery or store for selection. Choose plants that appear healthy without any wilting or spots on the leaves. There could be an underlying fungus or bug infestation. Stems should be tall and sturdy with green, thriving leaves at the base. Soil should be moist and not dry. Most plants have a light layer of mulch on top or mixed into the soil. This could be redwood bark, sand, rocks, or sphagnum peat moss. 

Choose One Currently in Bloom

Orchids are not in constant bloom. They tend to only bloom about once a year. If they are fed well and are placed in the proper conditions, they may bloom more. The good news is that they hold their beautiful flowers for around six to ten weeks. Try to find one that is already in bloom. They have such intricate color patterns, each one is unique on its own. Giving an orchid in bloom will create that "wow" factor for the recipient. Keep in mind that larger orchids may need to be staked as blooms begin to emerge and trained to grow along the stem. This prevents blooms from falling over and allows them to bloom for longer periods of time.

Plant in the Right Pot

Presenting the orchid to your gift recipient is part of the overall presentation. Not all orchids come in the right pots when you buy them. They may come in generic plastic pots or containers that don't contain the proper drainage holes or are too small to promote long-term growth. Orchids are prone to root crowding, which can alter the growth of the plant. There are pots specifically designed for orchids that allow you to see the root system inside the plant. Orchids love to stretch their legs and gather nutrients. A decorative clay pot that can support the base of the plant, along with some nutrient-dense potting soil, will set any orchid off to a great start. 

Orchids are a stunning gift that lasts beyond a bouquet of fresh flowers and, if properly cared for, can endure for years to come. It's an eye-catching plant that will capture the admiration of everyone. 

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