A Permanent Residential Awning Or A Retractable Awning Would Be A Good Addition To Your Patio

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A Permanent Residential Awning Or A Retractable Awning Would Be A Good Addition To Your Patio

A Permanent Residential Awning Or A Retractable Awning Would Be A Good Addition To Your Patio

24 August 2021
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There are a few choices when it comes to residential awnings. Two popular options are permanent awnings and retractable awnings. These are both good choices for your deck or patio. Here's how they compare.

Permanent Awnings Are Always Ready To Use

One benefit of a permanent awning is that it is always set up and ready to use. These awnings mount to the side of your home in the back and rest on legs in the front. They are held securely in place so they can withstand wind and rain.

If you know you'll always want shade over your patio, then a permanent awning might be best so you don't have to bother with pulling it out and setting it up when you want to go outside. Plus, permanent awnings are available in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches your home and is made from material that has a long life and is easy to care for.

Retractable Awnings Can Be Used When You Want

If you'd like the ability to roll your awning out of the way so you can get sunshine on cool days, you might prefer a retractable awning. These attach to the side of your house too, but they can be lowered and rolled up as you please. Operating a retractable awning is quick and easy, so they are convenient to use. Some have automatic functions that roll up the awning if wind or rain is detected. Some awnings can even be operated with a remote control for the most convenience. If you use your patio a lot in all kinds of weather, you may appreciate an awning you can use when you want, and that stays out of the way when you don't want your patio covered.

A retractable awning provides protection from the sun and rain when you're dining or lounging on your patio, just like a permanent awning does. Besides being easy to use and an attractive feature for your home, a retractable awning gives you peace of mind it won't be destroyed by a storm when it is safely rolled up against the house.

No matter which type of residential awning you choose, you'll receive the same benefits. Your patio furniture will be protected from UV rays and your patio doors will be shielded from the sun so you'll have less solar warming through the glass. Blocking UV rays from the windows and patio doors even protects your indoor furniture and carpet from fading.

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