Tips To Help You Get Rid Of A Mouse Problem In Your Home

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Tips To Help You Get Rid Of A Mouse Problem In Your Home

Tips To Help You Get Rid Of A Mouse Problem In Your Home

30 June 2020
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Your home is your sanctuary and area of safety, so when you find out it has been invaded by mice, it is easy to feel upset and violated. Mice not only chew through materials and paper, they also leave poop droppings everywhere and carry disease. Here are some tips to help you get control of your home and get rid of a mice infestation.

Find Out How They Get In

One of the first things you need to handle is the entry point into your home that the mice are gaining entrance through. This is where the problem started, and this is where the solution needs to start as well. Look for any openings around the outside of your home that are larger than the head of a pencil. Mice can get into this small of an entryway and often can easily slip through. 

Look around your windows and screens, around the threshold of your doors, and around the openings for electrical, satellite, and cable wiring that has been inserted through your exterior walls. Plug these up with some wire mesh, steel wool, silicone caulk, or all three. You can never be too careful in blocking any opening access into your home.

Take Away Their Food Source

The second step you want to take is to seal up and take away any food and water sources for mice. Mice look for something to eat to survive and this can come from food that's in your pantry, inside a couch,  in a pet's food dish, and on the floor or behind your fridge.

Seal up any packaged foods into a glass or hard plastic container that a mouse cannot chew through. Clean up crumbs several times each day, and clean behind your kitchen appliances. Put your pet food dish away except for at feeding time so you don't leave it out for any mice.

Set Out Traps

As a last step you will need to catch and trap any mice that are roaming free within your home. You can set out traps that catch them and you can dispose of them out of your home, or you can set bait to kill off the mice. You can also contact your local mice control services provider to set up a planned strategy consisting of live and kill traps in addition to bait. With this system, pest control will be able to arm your home to trap or kill all the mice. A mice control company can also return to check on your home periodically until the problem has been resolved.

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