The Benefits Of 5 Types Of Balcony Railings

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The Benefits Of 5 Types Of Balcony Railings

The Benefits Of 5 Types Of Balcony Railings

23 March 2020
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Many homeowners enjoy the ability to step outside their homes and onto their balcony for a breath of fresh air. As always, safety must come first and that's why it's important to have a secure railing. Homeowners can purchase custom balcony railings in various materials, and below you'll learn about the benefits of five types of balcony railings.

Stainless Steel

Stainless is a great choice for railings because of its classification as a high tensile steel. This means that this steel is much stronger than other varieties, and it's less prone to bend under force. Chromium oxide is a component in stainless steel that prevents it from corroding and rusting, which is a plus when it's continually exposed to the elements. Stainless steel has a smooth surface which makes it easy to clean, and as the name implies, it resists staining. 


This metal is lighter than most metals, and because of the absence of iron, it doesn't rust. Many aluminum products, including balcony railings, go through a powder coating process during fabrication. Powder coating involves spraying a durable finish on the product that protects it from ultraviolet rays, peeling, and cracking. There are many colors of powder coating available so homeowners can add a decorative touch when choosing a color for their balcony railing.


Homeowners can select vinyl railings in a variety of colors to accent their home's exterior. Many people add an accent color for a two-tone combination. Those who prefer the look of wood can choose a wood grain texture. This durable railing doesn't rot, rust, or blister, and busy homeowners who want a low maintenance option often choose vinyl because it only requires periodic cleaning. The smooth surface of vinyl is beneficial for homes with children.


Many people enjoy the rustic appearance of wood balcony railings and the aged look as it weathers naturally. Pressure-treated cedar, pine, and redwood remain standard railing material. The process of pressure treating forces chemical preservatives into the inner core of the wood to protect it from insect infestation and rot. Homeowners can paint or stain their wood railings any color of their choosing, and if desired, they can change the color often.


Tempered glass balcony railing hasn't been on the market as long as other materials, but it's quickly gaining popularity. Known for its safety properties, tempered glass is stronger than regular glass, and if it breaks, it doesn't shatter into sharp pieces. To construct these railings, installers place glass panes inside steel or aluminum frames. Unlike railings that have spaces between the bars, glass is solid, so objects cannot fall in between the rails.

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