5 Ways To Beautify Your Lawn On A Budget

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5 Ways To Beautify Your Lawn On A Budget

5 Ways To Beautify Your Lawn On A Budget

27 February 2017
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When you drive past homes with perfectly landscaped yards, you're likely to look at your own yard and wonder how you can get the same results. Although a lot of homeowners with beautiful front and backyards do work with professional landscaping services, there's also a good percentage who do all their own yard work. Aside from having a yard with grass that has been meticulously cut, here are five other ways that you can improve your yard without professional landscaping.

1. Consistently Water Your Yard - Plants thrive when they receive the right amount of water and sunlight, so be sure to use sprinklers to water your grass to ensure that your yard stays looking healthy. Find out how much water each plant in your yard needs, and take care to avoid over watering. With properly installed landscape lighting, you won't have to worry about where every drop of water ends up when you are taking care of your lawn.

2. Manicure Your Grass And Plants On A Schedule - If you want your yard to look perfect, you are going to need to have it trimmed on a regular basis. Pick a day of the week that you are off from work to take care of your yard early in the day. Although landscape lighting can provide great illumination, it is going to be difficult for you to cut your grass after the sun sets.

3. Install Dramatic Landscape Lighting - Since you want to be able to enjoy the full splendor of your lawn all the time, having landscape lighting put in will allow you to go around your yard during the day and night. You can have your landscape lighting setup so that portions of your yard are highlighted, and also to provide proper lighting around the walkways.

4. Lay Down Mulch, Stones Or Gravel - Although you will want your lawn to be a rich shade of green, adding mulch can also aid in making it look more unique. Putting stones around your bushes or just around the front of your house will make your yard look bigger and more brilliant. Adding landscape lighting to the areas of your yard that have gravel or mulch will also make your lawn look more polished.

5. Supplement Your Yard With The Right Nutrients - Beautiful yards full of thick grass look lush because they are watered and cut regularly, but also because they have been treated with plant supplements. If the plants in your yard are healthy, your lawn will overall be much more eye-catching. Look at this resource to learn more.

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