Yard Art Ideas That Improve Your Garden's Maintenance

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Yard Art Ideas That Improve Your Garden's Maintenance

Yard Art Ideas That Improve Your Garden's Maintenance

22 February 2017
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Yard art and lawn ornaments don't have to be just for looks, they can serve other purposes in the landscape. In fact, many of the most attractive pieces also help improve the health of your garden or they aid in basic maintenance. The following are a few multi-use decorative pieces to consider.

Plant supports

Many plants grow better and look better with supports. Free-standing supports include a-frame trellises, obelisks, and towers. Wooden versions are a good choice for annual plants, such as morning glory or moon flower vines. This is because they will eventually rot. Metal is a better choice if you prefer something long-lasting, especially for perennials like climbing roses. These supports come in a variety of designs, from simple obelisks to towers that mimic the Eiffel Tower or other objets d'art. For even more of a statement piece, look for a larger support such as an arch or a bench and pergola combination.

Hose guides

If you water any part of the garden or lawn by hand, you have likely experienced the frustration of accidentally dragging the hose across some plants and causing damage. This why you need a hose guide. These are decorative posts that are placed at the corners of your garden beds. They usually have some sort of finial, either made of decorative metalwork, stone, or glass. When dragging the hose to your destination, the guide prevents it from being pulled into the actual bed. When not be used as a guide, these pieces are decorative and help draw the eye to your gardens.

Whirleys and chimes

Animal pests are a real problem in some gardens and lawns. Movement and noise are two simple ways to scare off the pests. Whirleys, sometimes called whirley-gigs, move, spin, and shimmy in the slightest of breezes. You can find many unique and attractive designs, usually made from recycled metal. Chimes make noise. You can use standard wind chimes hung from overhead structures or placed on garden hooks, or you can find whirleys that have small bells and chimes built into their design. This way you get sound and movement as the breeze blows through.

Think longevity when you are looking for multi-purpose lawn ornaments. Items made from wood are best made from either treated wood or a naturally rot-resistant wood, like cedar. When shopping for metal ornaments, especially recycled metal yard art, talk to experts like Star Imports Wholesale.

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