Four Cute Uses For Crafted Aluminum Horses

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Four Cute Uses For Crafted Aluminum Horses

Four Cute Uses For Crafted Aluminum Horses

16 February 2017
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Garden statuary made by metal artists has become very popular in recent years. Certain pieces, like aluminum horses, can be very cute as well as eye-catching. If you would like to try to utilize aluminum horses in your yard or on your land in some way, but just are not sure how to use full-sized metal horses, here are a few uses to get you started.

Hang Garden Tools on Them

Real horses are pack animals. They carry people and they carry supplies for long trips. You could make your aluminum horse sculptures pack animals as well. Buckets can hang off the ears and head, while gardening tools can be hung on the sides and laid across the back of the "animal." The metal artist that crafts your "horse" for you can add hooks and D-rings to the sculpture in creative ways that will allow your metal beast of burden to handle the gardening instruments with ease.

Flower Pot Stands

There are a number of spots on these sculptures where you could place or hang flower pots. You could even use the sculptures to control climbing vines or climbing flowers, such as roses or clematis, making your sculpture a very natural-looking part of your yard. Some people put deer statues in their yards, so why not horse statues instead?

Use Them for Saddles

What better place to put your real horse's saddle than over the back of a metal horse? You could even have a string of metal horses around your barn or stable where the saddles could sit before saddling up to ride or the saddles could sit there while you clean them in the sun. For a real treat, you could even completely saddle the metal horse for a kid to play on, if you have kids that want to ride but need to learn how to sit on a horse first.

Use Them for Odd Pasture Companions

Real horses are herd animals. They need at least one of their own kind in the pen or corral with them or they do not know how to behave around other horses. If you cannot afford another real horse at this time and only have the one horse in the paddock, consider getting an aluminum horse. It can be constructed to represent a very natural pose in the field, thereby giving your real horse some company. Otherwise, you might try turning the metal horses into unique feed bins and watering troughs. The choice is yours.

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