Here's How To Have A Firepit In Your Backyard

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Here's How To Have A Firepit In Your Backyard

Here's How To Have A Firepit In Your Backyard

20 January 2017
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There is nothing cooler than having your own outdoor fire at night in your backyard. It can be a fun way to add visual excitement to an evening dinner party. And it is also great if you want to have a nice romantic dinner outside with just you and your significant other. Of course, if you have children, they will love the ability to roast marshmallows at night. This is really fun alternative for people who can't make time to take their kids camping. You could even set up a tent in the backyard and have the fire create a real campfire atmosphere. Here's two easy ways to do it.

Buy A Freestanding Copper Bowl Fire Pit

If you don't feel like doing much work to the yard (digging and moving soil and rocks) then you should get a freestanding fire pit. These have large bowls that contain the firewood. This prevents the fire from touching the ground. So you won't have to worry about the fire burning up your lawn. You can then let the fire die down and dump the contents into the trash a few days later. And your law, will look immaculate—no messy ash or burnt grass.

These are not that rustic, so they might be better for people who are more into throwing elegant dinner parties, as opposed to people who want to sit around a "campfire" like setup. The bowl fire pit designs will often come with a domed screen covering. This screen is made of a mesh metal that will prevent little sparks from floating up and perhaps igniting on nearby tree (so if you use it in the late fall when dried leaves are around, you won't have to panic about them catching fire).

Fire Pit Insert Surrounded By Natural Stone

If you prefer a more realistic fire look, then the easy solution is to get a fire pit inserts, and then surround it with natural stone. The fire pit can be placed into a hole dug into the ground, or it can be placed above ground. The fire pit inset is just a metal box (or circle design) that holds the fire. Once the box is placed into the pre-dug hole or situated on the ground, you will surround it with natural stone.

Speak with the supplier of natural stone to make sure that the stone you are using is suitable for close contact with heat. If the stone needs a buffer, you can have the stone people suggest a materials (perhaps a cement board) to place between the natural stone blocks and the fire pit insert. You can have the stone stacked high, so that the insulating material is not seen.

This setup will best mimic the types of setups fire pits you see in national parks and out in the woods where campers create their own space. However, it's much cleaner and safer since you are combining the beautiful stone with the protection of a metal fire insert box. Visit websites like to learn more about building with natural stone.

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