Gifts And Crafts You Can Make Using Terracotta Pots

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Gifts And Crafts You Can Make Using Terracotta Pots

Gifts And Crafts You Can Make Using Terracotta Pots

18 January 2017
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You may look at terra cotta pots and think they are just simple orange-colored pots, but they can be so much more. They can be used to plant flowers, they can be painted any color you want and decorated any way you want, you can use them in your home or outside, and they can be made into things like a candy holder, bird feeder, or outdoor toadstools. See below for instructions on how to make a few of these crafts using terracotta pots.

White Washed Planter

Take your terra cotta pot and give it an updated farmhouse look by painting it with white acrylic paint and wiping it off so the terra cotta color still shows through a bit. Plant a small succulent plant in it, put fake flowers or greenery in it, or plant some herbs in it for your kitchen. For herbs, add a small chalkboard sticker with the name of the herb written on it in chalk.

Gumball Machine Candy Holder

Create a candy holder to give as a gift or to keep around your own house. Paint it any color you like, or decorate it a specific color/pattern to make it a holiday piece. Take a terra cotta planter and set it upside down (so the opening is now the bottom), then using a clear glass fish bowl, glue the bottom of the fish bowl onto the pot. Next, use a terra cotta pot saucer and place it upside down on the top of the fish bowl (this will serve as the lid of the candy bowl). Glue a wooden ball to the top of the saucer to use as a handle. You should be left with a candy holder that looks like a gumball machine.

Outdoor Toadstools

Use large or small terra cotta pots and saucers with some paint to create some cute toadstools for your garden or yard. Grab your terra cotta pots and paint them using white acrylic paint, then paint the saucers with acrylic paint in any color you choose. The saucers will serve as the top of the toadstools, so be sure you paint the underside. Add white circles to the saucers to make them look like toadstools. Turn the terra cotta pots upside down, then place the saucers upside down on top of the pots. Glue them in place and put them in your garden or yard. You can spray your toadstools with a waterproof clear coating to help prevent your paint from dulling.

Terra cotta pots have a number of uses, and they can be painted any color you like, so don't rule them out when looking for pots for your plants. Use them for gifts for neighbors, teachers, and friends, and create all kinds of fun things. You can likely find terra cotta pots anywhere you find outdoor flower pots for sale.

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