Three Tips For Caring For Your Shower Door

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Three Tips For Caring For Your Shower Door

Three Tips For Caring For Your Shower Door

13 January 2017
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Making sure that your home's shower is properly maintained is important for avoiding some potentially serious damages and problems. However, new homeowners are prone to making the mistake of neglecting to care for their shower doors, but there are some tips for helping you to effectively care for your shower doors.

Keep The Frame Clean

One of the most important steps that you can take to keep your shower in good condition is to regularly clean the frame. As you use the shower, soap scum and mildew can start to gather on the frame. Unfortunately, these materials can contribute to the shower frame developing corrosion. Once corrosion has formed, it may be impossible to completely restore the shower frame, which may mean you will need to replace it. Luckily, you can easily remove these substances by using over-the-counter bathroom cleaners. By taking the time to quickly clean the shower frame every couple of weeks, you can ensure that it stays in excellent condition for many more years.

Regularly Inspect The Hinges

In order to easily open and close, your shower door will utilize a series of hinges. While these hinges are normally extremely reliable, it can be possible for them to develop issues over the course of time. For example, it can be possible for the hinges to come out of alignment, which may make them far more difficult to open and close. Every few months, you should perform a thorough visual inspection of your shower door hinges. During this inspection, you should look for signs that the hinges are out of alignment or lacking lubrication. If additional lubricant is needed, you should only use one that is designed for shower doors as these will be able to withstand the frequent water exposure.

Replace Worn Seals

To stop water from leaking out of the shower, there will be a series of seals that are installed around the door. Without these seals, it would be possible for large amounts of water to leak out of the door, which could cause substantial water damage from occurring to your bathroom. Sadly, these seals will gradual degrade, which can cause them to pull away from the shower frame or become brittle and crack. Repairing this type of problem will require you to remove the old seal and install a new one. While replacing a shower door seal may sound complicated, it is designed to be a fairly simple task. After removing the old seal, you should clean the frame to help ensure the new seal forms a solid bond. Once the water from cleaning the frame has dried, you can coat the back of the new seal with an adhesive and put it into place.

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