Five Advantages to Using Soft Water in Your Home

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Five Advantages to Using Soft Water in Your Home

Five Advantages to Using Soft Water in Your Home

12 January 2017
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Hard water is a condition that occurs when water has an unusually high mineral content, usually when calcium and magnesium levels are high. Although drinking hard water will not cause you or family members harm, it can create difficulties in other parts of everyday life. The following are five reasons why you should use a water conditioner if your water has a high mineral content.  

Your Clothing Will Look Better

Clothing that is washed in hard water quickly takes on a dingy appearance. Mineral deposits from the water don't take long to build up on clothing, and they weakens fibers considerably, leading to fraying and a shortening of the life of your clothes. The fabric also may become hard and scratchy, and it just won't look and feel as clean as if a water conditioner had been used. Washing clothing in soft water also means you'll be able to get away with using less laundry detergent as well as use a lower water temperature. 

Your Glassware Will Look Better

It is disconcerting to be giving a dinner party or otherwise entertaining guests in your home only to have the sudden realization that your glassware is blotchy and covered in spots. You know your wine, water, and juice glasses are clean, but nonetheless, your guests may question the level of care you've taken while preparing to entertain them even though they pretend not to notice. You won't have this problem while using soft water in your dishwasher. 

Your Skin Will Feel Better

Bathing and showering in hard water results in soap-scum residue being left on your skin, and this can leave the skin feeling red, dry, itchy, and irritated. The residue can also clog pores, and this can actually result in skin and hair-follicle infections in some cases because the soap-scum residue traps bacteria under its surface. 

You Hair Will Look Better 

Washing your hair in hard water will result in mineral deposits and shampoo residue that makes hair lifeless, discolored, dull, and brittle. Minerals can actually build up on the surface of your hair to the extent that you can develop a scaly film on the hair that flakes off when brushed or combed. Many people who believe they have dandruff are actually experiencing flaking due to washing their hair in hard water. 

Your Housecleaning Will Be Easier 

You'll be doing a lot of extra scrubbing if you tackle household cleaning tasks with hard water. Cleaning products don't work nearly as well when combined with hard water as opposed to soft water, and you'll have to contend with mineral residue as well. Bear in mind that some surfaces, such as hardwood flooring, may be damaged by repeated use of hard water during cleaning procedures.   

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