No Luck With Grills? 4 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Backyard Barbecue

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No Luck With Grills? 4 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Backyard Barbecue

No Luck With Grills? 4 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Backyard Barbecue

22 June 2016
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Summer is here. Now it's time to start planning the outdoor parties. If you usually burn everything you grill, you might be trying to steer clear of the backyard barbecues. Luckily, you don't have to. With a few simple steps, you can throw the perfect outdoor barbecue.

Start with the Right BBQ

If you usually burn everything you barbecue, it might not be your fault. You might just be using the wrong grill. Ordinary barbecues require too much guesswork – such as finding the right temperature and choosing the right type of charcoal. That's where the big green egg comes in. When you grill with the egg, you won't have to worry about temperature or charcoal. All you have to do is place the lump charcoal in the bottom of the egg, place the food on the grill racks, close the egg and set it for the temperature you want. Your egg will do everything else for you. No more burnt food. Just a perfect barbecued meal.

Plan the Menu

Once you have the perfect barbecue to cook on, you'll need to plan the right menu. One way to do that is to plan a potluck barbecue. You provide all the meat, including beef, chicken and seafood. Have your guests bring all the side dishes and appetizers. You'll have a backyard barbecue filled with a wide variety of foods that will be sure to please all of your guests.

Choose One Signature Drink

A party isn't complete without a signature drink. Take your time to create a drink that will distinguish your barbecue from all the rest. If you'll be serving alcoholic beverages, consider adding a twist to the traditional margarita – such as infusing a non-traditional flavor combination. For non-alcoholic get-together's, try a twist on the traditional lemonade. Try adding fresh blueberries and lemon-lime soda to your lemonade to create a sparkling berry drink.

Do the Prep Work the Day Before

You don't want to wake up to a full list of things to do on the day of the party. Cut your prep time in half by doing part of the work the day before. That's the perfect time to set the tables up and do the decorating. You can also marinate your meat in advance so that it's ready to grill the next day.

Summer is the perfect time to plan backyard barbecues. Even if you've never hosted a barbecue before, you can use the tips provided here to make sure your first one goes off without a hitch.

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