Get The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Remodel

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Get The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Remodel

Get The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Remodel

22 June 2016
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Choosing to update or remodel your kitchen can present a big expense. As such, you'd probably like to get the most bang for your buck. You'll want your updates to boost both style and functionality. Make over your kitchen with both utilitarian and aesthetic ideals in mind.

Plan Pathways

One of the most important considerations for a kitchen remodel is maintaining and even improving the flow. Better Homes and Gardens suggests the following dimensions for your pathways:

  • 36 inches for general pathways
  • 42 inches in the cook zone for one-cook layouts
  • 48 inches in the cook zone for two-cook layouts

Planning your pathways is essential when you have a kitchen island or otherwise close quarters to prevent open appliances from getting in the way.

Light in Layers

Generally speaking, layered lighting is the most efficient option for your kitchen. This means you start with a central light, but don't stop there. Consider your main work areas, have task lighting installed accordingly. For example, have under-cabinet lighting installed over your chopping station. For beauty, consider uplighting a high shelf or interesting architecture in your kitchen. Accent lighting can also consist of backlighting a china cabinet.

Beautify your Backsplash

Tiling the area behind the sink and stove is a functional consideration to prevent splashes from marring the surface. However, this can also be an area that you use to promote visual interest in your kitchen. For example, you could opt for a glass tile mosaic, which shimmers even when dry. You could also look for pretty painted tiles that you use to drive the color scheme in the rest of your kitchen. Another option is to paper the area with a graphic and have glass installed over the picture. Explore your creative side as you plan the backsplash.

Trim the Ceiling

Unless there are cracks, the ceiling is often overlooked in a remodel job. However, trimming the ceiling is another way to add visual interest to your kitchen. For example, you could use a single boxbeam to create a visual divide in an open kitchen. You could also use boxbeams or molding to add quaint architecture to the area. If you have a tall ceiling, coffering or other trim also helps draw the space closer to the rest of your décor.

Try Quartz Countertops

Granite has long been the chosen material for countertops, and with good reason. It's a beautiful stone that requires little maintenance to remain durable. However, quartz countertops can yield similar beauty. Manufactured out of ground quartz, resin and pigments, quartz countertops can even be made to resemble granite. However, quartz doesn't require re-sealing to maintain its beauty.

Whether with your choice in countertop material or the actual layout of your kitchen, you remodel job can improve both the style and functionality of your space. Contact a business, such as Bryce & Doyle for more information.   

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