How To Refinish Patio Furniture

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How To Refinish Patio Furniture

How To Refinish Patio Furniture

26 May 2016
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Patio furniture is usually made out of durable, water-resistant hardwoods. However, even the most durable wooden furniture will eventually need to be refinished. Even if water does not damage the furniture, the sun can cause fading that weakens the wood. If you want your patio furniture to last for a long time, you will need to learn how to refinish it. This article explains the simple process so you can get the most out of your furniture.

Prepping the Furniture

First, you need to prepare your wood by sanding it. The best method of sanding depends on the design and size of your furniture. For instance, a large, mostly flat table is easiest to sand with a vibrating power sander. However, if your furniture has lots of rounded edges and ornate designs, you will probably need to use a handheld sanding sponge. Most likely, you will have to use a combination of both tools.

The amount of sanding you have to do also depends on the old color or finish of the wood and the new finish. If you are going to paint your furniture a new, solid color, you don't need to sand off all of the old finish. However, if you are going to restain your furniture with a clear or tinted stain, you do need to remove the finish and expose the wood. Of course, this means you will have to do more sanding.

Patching the Blemishes

If there are any large dents or scratches in your furniture, you should patch them before you refinish the piece. Using wood filler or wood putty means that you will need to patch the damaged area and then resand it. This can be time consuming, but necessary if you want to fully restore an old piece of furniture.

Refinishing the Wood

If you are using a clearcoat stain, you can easily apply it with lint-free rags. These are a great, cleaner solution to using a normal paintbrush. However, if you are going to apply a solid, latex or oil based paint, you will want to use paint rollers or brushes.

Refinishing an old piece of patio furniture is a great way to make it look completely different and preserve the wood. As you can see, the work is not that difficult. It is a very valuable and useful skill to learn, so take your time to figure out how to do it right.

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