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Fast Landscaping Solutions

Fast Landscaping Solutions

26 May 2016
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The warm weather is already here, and you haven't done a thing about your yard. Since summer is on the horizon, you may feel that you've missed the window to improve your landscaping. You can relax and prepare to beautify your home's outdoor area. You still have plenty of time to make things more attractive this season.


You can take an hour and make your property look better by doing just a few maintenance tasks. First, wash your driveway. Just hosing it off can immediately give the front of your home a lift. Next, either add new mulch to your flowerbeds or simply stir up the old mulch. Either method will give the mulch a fresh look and make your plants look better in comparison. Also, if you haven't picked the sticks and yard debris out of the yard lately, take a few minutes to do so. In a few minutes, your property will look much better.


Take a few hours and shop for some "hardscaping" materials. If you have an area of your yard where grass just will not grow, use some gravel or attractive stone tiles to cover this area. You can add some elegance by using slate, marble, or even terra cotta tiles for this purpose. Then you can then bring in an attractive bench and yard ornaments to make that spot an attractive focal point instead of the eyesore it has been. Doing so won't take much time or money, and you won't have to fight that spot anymore. Plus, no one will suspect that you are hiding anything. Contact a business, such as Old World Stone, for more information on natural stone. 

Potted Plants

Never underestimate the power of potted plants. If you didn't get new annuals or perennials planted this year, use plants in both small and large containers to decorate your home. If you have "dead spots" in your flower beds, add a few buckets of blooms. You can also make your patio a festive hideaway. Just a few lush containers near your front door makes your entryway beautiful and inviting. Using already potted plants saves you a great deal of time and hides many landscaping sins.

Even in midsummer or later, you can rescue the look of your lawn by doing some super quick maintenance. Then you can up your landscaping game by adding some decorative elements like natural stone and loads of potted plants. In the fall, go ahead and plant those bulbs you meant to plant last year, and next spring, double down on your annuals. Your yard will be magnificent next summer. In the short term, you can effectively hide your lawn neglect this year with a little work and creativity.

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