Triple Play: Three Simple Changes That Can Transform Your Home Office Into A Winning Work Space

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Triple Play: Three Simple Changes That Can Transform Your Home Office Into A Winning Work Space

Triple Play: Three Simple Changes That Can Transform Your Home Office Into A Winning Work Space

4 March 2016
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Typically used only for work tasks, the home office is often designed to be practical rather than pretty. It's a room that is often overlooked and neglected. However, by adding just three items to your home office, you can transform your work space into a room that commands attention.

Work wonders with window treatments

Whether your home office has one window or several, the right window treatments can change the entire look of the room in minutes. If your office lacks color, curtains or window shades in bold hues will add just the right amount of brightness to the room.

When choosing window treatments, consider the size and layout of the room. If the room is small and only has one window, you will want to choose curtains that allow plenty of light to filter through. A simple valance or swag will dress up the window without obstructing light and blocking the outside view.

If your room has more than two windows, full curtains and drapes may look too busy. You may want to opt for indoor shutters or blinds to avoid giving the room a cluttered look.

Think outside of the office by selecting curtains typically used in other rooms. For instance, café curtains are commonly used in kitchens and dining rooms, but they can bring a charming and country look to the home office. Sheer or lace bedroom panels in white or soft pastel colors will add a hint of romance to the home office.

Ramp things up with the right rug

Rugs are making a comeback in interior home décor, and they're nothing like the plain rugs of the past. Rugs are showing up in bold geometric designs and patterns that can make even the dreariest home office look bright and new.

For a small home office, a rug placed under the desk will add a pop of color to the room without taking up too much floor space. For larger rooms, choose a large oval or rectangle rug to place in the center of the room for a dramatic presentation.

Choose a pattern in colors that complement your window treatments and the design look you prefer.  For instance, orange, gray, and white work well together for a contemporary look. Gray, black, and white look sophisticated and formal. Pink, teal, and gray used together are fun and feminine.

Nearly any color combination will work. Don't be afraid to break tradition and make your own color palette. The goal is to have an office you love.

Pack a punch with live plants

Nothing brings a room to life like bringing some of the outdoors inside. Houseplants will add just the right amount of greenery to the room, and some plants may help reduce indoor pollution in the home office.

Take a trip to your local garden center and check out the latest in plants. Exotic varieties of plants will add beauty to your office and are sure to become conversation pieces.

Consider the lighting conditions and temperature in your office and choose a plant accordingly. Most plants have the ideal growing conditions listed with them.

Choosing a decorative pot or planter for your houseplant will make it an attractive addition to your home office. Planters in bold colors may provide just the right amount of color you need to brighten up a desk, shelf, or corner.

Changing the look of your office is easy when you choose the right window treatments and a rug the coordinates well with the colors in your office. You can complete the winning look by bringing a little bit of outdoor greenery in with a potted plant. With three easy changes, you can transform your home office into a winning work space. Contact a business, such as Cover Up Designs, for more information. 

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