4 Things You Can Do With Your Flowers After Your Wedding

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4 Things You Can Do With Your Flowers After Your Wedding

4 Things You Can Do With Your Flowers After Your Wedding

8 January 2016
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Many of the items you purchase for your wedding will only be used for one day. Afterwards, it's hard to figure out what you should do with them. One example is your wedding flowers.

Cut flowers aren't meant to last forever, but they'll definitely last longer than a single day. If you're wondering what to do with leftover wedding flowers after the ceremony, consider the following four ideas:

Photograph them

In the future, you'll want to be able to remember every aspect of your special day. Before you take floral displays down, make sure you get a picture of them so that you'll remember what the setting looked like on your wedding day. For the best results, ask your wedding photographer to do the job. 

Dry them

Drying out cut flowers preserves them indefinitely. If you dry your wedding flowers, you'll be able to continue to enjoy them for years to come. You can dry flowers by hanging them upside down in a large indoor place with good air circulation.  

Of course, your wedding may include a huge amount of flowers. You might not be able to save or use all of the flowers that are left over and dried after your wedding. However, you'll probably want to at least do something special with your wedding bouquet. Dry out your bouquet so that you can preserve it long-term. 

Recycle them

If someone in your family has an upcoming event like a birthday party or anniversary celebration, you may be able to give your flowers to them so that they can be reused. If you don't have any upcoming events, you may be able to donate them. Ask around to find an charitable organization or non-profit that might be able to use them for a special event or ceremony. 

Sell them

Wedding flower displays aren't typically cheap. Selling flowers after your wedding ceremony is a good way to get some of the money you spent back while giving another couple the opportunity to have beautiful flowers at a lower price at their ceremony. 

Run a classified ad in the newspaper in advance to find a couple who could use your wedding flowers. You'll need to plan on selling your flowers well in advance since they will not last forever and can be expected to start wilting after your ceremony. 

If you have trouble finding someone who wants your flowers after your ceremony, talk to your florist. Your florist might be able to take them back or connect you with another party in need of a floral display. 

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