Troubleshooting Frequent Problems With Retractable Patio Awnings

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Troubleshooting Frequent Problems With Retractable Patio Awnings

Troubleshooting Frequent Problems With Retractable Patio Awnings

29 September 2015
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When you want to make your patio a more welcoming place that can be enjoyed in the bright sunlight and the rain, a retractable awning is one addition that is easy to make as a homeowner. The retractable awning is an attractive implementation for most homeowners because the cost is relatively low and installation can be complete in as little as a few short hours. However, retractable awnings do not come without their downfalls and occasionally, you may have problems. Here are a few of the more common issues with retractable awnings and what you should know about fixing the problem.

Problem: Your retractable awning will not open smoothly or gets stuck at certain points.

Cause and Solution: Retractable awnings are designed to roll away into a cylindrical container when they are retracted and sometimes, if the container itself becomes battered, either due to storm damage or otherwise, it will prevent the awning from opening smoothly. Unfortunately, to rectify the situation, this will likely mean that you will have to have a replacement container installed, which can be almost as expensive as the awning itself.

Problem: Electronic sensors will not function properly.

Cause and Solution: Some of the more modern retractable awnings are equipped with a sunlight sensor that will trigger the awning to open up on its own. While it may be nice to have an awning that opens on its own without you having to wind it out, these electrical sensors can see all kinds of issues. If the sensor gets slightly dusty or dirty, the awning will not respond to sunlight as it should. Therefore, you will have to clean the electrical sensors often and if they become damaged, you will have to have them replaced or just revert back to winding the awning out on your own.

Problem: The canvas awning material is starting to leak.

Cause and Solution: When canvas awnings first roll out of the factory, they are treated with a weatherproof sealant that will deflect rainfall and water. However, over time, this sealant layer will usually start to deteriorate, either due to sun exposure or excess moisture. If your canvas awning is starting to leak, it is likely that the weatherproof sealant layer is wearing away. This will usually mean that you will have to have the canvas awning itself replaced.

Even though the retractable awning can be incredibly valuable to have affixed on your home, problems and issues can be a real hassle. You may find that installing a more permanent and stable awning is a much better solution. Talk to a company that specializes in patio awnings, such as Lehman Awning Co, for help making the best decision for your home.

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