What To Expect From A Tree Service Company

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What To Expect From A Tree Service Company

What To Expect From A Tree Service Company

3 September 2015
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If you live in an area surrounded by trees, your favorite part of the day may be enjoying coffee while looking out over your backyard oasis. A home with trees on the property feels more welcoming and natural. To keep your trees healthy and your yard looking great, find a local tree service company for help. A good relationship with your arborist will ensure your precious trees thrive for generations to come. Here are the kinds of services you can expect from a local tree company.

Tree Removal

Maybe you just moved into your home and realized a dead tree placed precariously close to your home. Or maybe a quick inspection showed that one of your trees is damaged and rotting from the inside out. Either way, the professionals can safely remove your tree without damaging your windows, roof, siding, power lines, or other trees. 

Tree Health Inspection & Treatment

Maybe you don't need a tree removed but saved from disease or pests. If you notice a beloved tree whose condition has gone downhill, a tree expert will diagnose the disease or bug living inside of it. They can also treat the surrounding soil and shore up the root system for extra support.

Tree Safety Solutions

Do you live in an area where high winds, heavy snow, or lightning could damage the trees in your yard? Maybe you just have one tree that's so large it needs extra support from the elements. Instead of removing the tree, you can have it braced and supported by cables. Or if your area is susceptible to lightning, copper conduction cables can be installed to conduct electricity down to the ground, avoiding damage to your tree. Modern technology even allows technicians to install a warning system to the cable so you can see when lightning has struck and call for cable damage assessment. 

Tree Maintenance

Maybe you don't have any safety concerns for your trees, but want to keep them healthy for many years. If you don't take care of your trees, they can develop the problems stated above. Proper pruning, fertilization, root maintenance and lopping can ensure your tree stays beautiful and functional. 

Tree Planting

If your lawn needs more trees, don't plant yourself. Consult a company that can help you determine the right size, type, placement, and care plan for your region and specific yard.

You can enjoy your front and backyard's trees in all their glory with help from a local tree service company (such as Able Scape, Inc). 

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